Mabna Rayaneh Kian Company was officially started by a team of computer experts with the aim of producing specialized software.
This company is one of the few commercial partner companies with LG in Iran and has concluded two commercial cooperation and software production contracts with LG based on industrial and hotel display products.
This company is also the official sales representative of Goldiran brand products of LG and G Plus and Madiran brand of X Vision and TCL.
The company consists of two software departments and a sales and hardware department.

The main activities of the company in the software department:

  1. Design and production of digital industrial display management software based on LG technology
  2. Design and production of TV Hotel and IPTV software based on LG technology
  3. Consulting and implementation of TV Hotel, IPTV and Signage Digital
  4. Design, production and implementation of applied and specialized software
  5. Consulting, design and implementation of VIOP system
  6. Providing scientific papers in specialized fields of software and network
  7. Provide advice in the field of information technology
  8. Provide application support
  9. Production and implementation of medical and hospital software
  10. Design and implementation of mobile projects

Unit 102, Venus Building, Southern Daneshsara, Sanabad Street, Mashhad, Iran

Tel: (09155065684) (05137669550)

In-person referral is possible only with prior coordination

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